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Background Story

Kian Fatt Furniture & Construction Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2000 as an interior design with built construction and interior renovation company.

With a vision and strong commitment to quality and service, the company began a rapid growth and soon carved a niche in the events, promotion and commercial industries. Hence, with these many years of steadily growth and achieving a wider client and supportive resource base, we then widened our scope to other related industries, especially on the interior design projects, which the quality of workmanship, meeting client budget and on time delivery is essential to enable us to remain competitive and emerging our self as one of the best.


In view of the challenging years ahead, we believe that in order to continue maintaining the nice in the industry, the company had has invested for necessary upgrading of machinery and all kinds of production facilities as to couple with the client highly demand and changing requirement. Besides, the provision of training for more competent and professional management and skillful workers has not been neglected.

KIAN FATT FURNITURE & RENOVATION has established with a complement of our own timber work factory, experienced in-house tradesmen and sub-contractors are well co-ordinated and managed by a term of experienced site supervisors and project managers. Thus, with these structures and adequate facilities, we will ensure giving our client the best for their trust on us.


With that awareness, the company has divided into four divisions, namely
(1) Design & Consultation,
(2) Built Construction & Renovation,
(3) Project Management, and
(4) Customized Design

with the independent management structure so to specialize and focus on the quality and service to our client separately.




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